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Contact: Don Colton, doncolton2@gmail.com.

Sponsor: BYUH University Curriculum Committee (UCC).

Content: Curriculum Change Requests from 2009 onward are published here. Scans of the signed original documents (pdf) are presented. A cross-reference lists the documents that apply to each major, minor, or other program. A cross-reference lists the documents that apply to each course that was mentioned. Changes from 2008 and before may be added as time permits.

Process: Curriculum proposals normally come from the department in which the change is sought. Proposals are reviewed by the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) to ensure clarity and careful thinking. Proposals are then reviewed by the Academic Council where final approval is given. The process takes time but after review and possible revision, most proposals are ultimately accepted.

Status: This is a proof-of-concept website, and is under construction. The purpose of this website is to discover the features needed in the eventual website. The information presented is mostly reliable but has not been verified. Refer any comments or questions to Don Colton.


See a list of all proposals, newest first, together with the initiation date, the approval date (if approved), the sponsor, and the descriptive title of the proposal.

See an alphabetical list of Majors, Minors, etc., that are affected by curriculum proposals. Each such change specifies a revision to the Major Requirements Set (MRS) for that Major or Minor. It specifies a sheet that can be used to verify completion of a set of requirements. Although we call it 'Major' it also applies to Minors, Associates, Certificates, etc. Changes to individual courses (e.g., title, description, when offered, or prerequisites) normally do not require a change to the MRS.

See an alphabetical list of courses that are affected by curriculum proposals and a summary of what changed. Formal approval is required for any changes to the following course attributes: course number, course title, course credits, course description, course prerequisites. Change approval is not required for changes to the following course attributes: syllabus, offering frequency (F,W,S,etc), instructor.

See a list of approval documents, newest first. Proposals are typically adopted in batches when the Academic Council meets. Adoption is confirmed by a signed memo listing the approved curriculum proposals by number.

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